Stephen Keable


St Pauls Station

Currently running Tabletop Supply a Shopify store selling board game pieces and dice, to board game designers, modders and players.

Launched my first Shopify app Draft Order Attributes which gives merchants more control over the attributes fields on their draft and regular orders.

Whilst freelancing as a Shopify Partner, helping merchants to solve various problems including making advanced changes to themes, building custom apps, launching new stores and much more. If you need some help with your shopify store get in contact.


  • Product Manager at Arena Flowers.
  • Ecommerce Director at Slam City Skates.
  • Marketing & Customer Experience Lead at Allies Computing.
  • Founder at London Skateparks.
  • Editor & Photographer at City & Sticks.
  • Digital & Print Designer at Archant.
  • Publisher at Revert Magazine.