Stephen Keable

Building websites since 1999

Since 1999 I've been building and running websites, for a wide range of clients, employers and personal projects.


From handwritten HTML uploaded to GeoCities back in 1999 and the early 2000s, all the way to modern serverless websites consuming headless platforms. It's been an interesting journey.

Over the years I have worked for a local newspaper publisher, B2B software company, skateboarding retailer and an online florist.

I've handled several freelance projects for a theatre, small retailers, a football club, a student magazine, building contractors and many more.

Basically I've always been a nerd

I first dabbled with programming using a Dummies books from the local library to learn basic C++.

The local library continued to be a source of knowledge and sometimes tools, such as an IDE on the CD included with another Dummies book. Building simple command line tools on an old Mac.

Later the world wide web gave me a platform to build things for a wider audience. Eventually selling a pile of PlayStation games, in order to lease a shared server for a year, instead of using GeoCities.

This lead to learning PHP and MySQL which would become my main tools for several years. Before moving to using JavaScript and Node for mostly serverless tools on AWS.

The learning never stops though and over the last couple of years I've spent time learning Swift to develop iOS and Mac applications. This time using services like Treehouse to learn the basics, rather than books from the library.